Vegetables Make You Look More Attractive

Research from the University of Nottingham shows that eating vegetables makes you look more attractive

Dr. Ian Stephen and his research team concluded that people who eat more fruit and vegetables per day have a healthier skin tone due to a substance called carotenoids

Foods like carrots and tomatoes are full of carotenoids that give your skin a more appealing color that than a sun-tan would.

Dr Stephen explained: Eating five more portions of fruit and vegetables ups your carotenoid levels giving your skin golden tones.

In photosynthesizing organisms carotenoids and are responsible for giving fruits and vegetables their rich red and orange colors. However, in humans carotenoids have been linked to oxidation-preventing mechanisms, and have been shown to significantly reduced risk of lung cancer.

Lutein and the other carotenoid pigments found in leaves are often not obvious because of the presence of chlorophyll. However, when chlorophyll is not present, as in dying foliage (such as aut…